smart home security system installed in Colorado

Surveillance System Project

For this project, our customer wanted better surveillance after they noticed the large amount of wildlife on their property. They had never seen a bear before- until they saw one in their backyard! Welcome to Colorado! We all love the wildlife; but, the owner was curious as to how they were getting into his yard even with the gates closed.

After walking the property, we were able to identify 8 key locations to mount cameras. This would allow for 360-degree coverage of the property for surveillance and security purposes- there was even a great location on the corner of the garage that allowed for 3 mounted cameras.

One of the main challenges we ran into with this install was getting each camera to the attic access. All of the cameras had a clear run, except for one of them. To make this even more difficult, the final run had to go from the attic to the mechanical room in the basement. To get this done, we ran a  asingle Cat6 cable from the garage attic area to the mechanical room. We utilized an 8-port network switch to connect the 7 cameras from the attic. The 8th camera was even more difficult and it was the most crucial of the set. To get it connected, we found an exterior wall that had a network port in the general area and were able to extend the existing cable to the camera location and redirect the other end of the existing cable into the switch.

For this project, we installed a Luma Surveillance System. The Luma system advantage is the ability to land each camera on dedicated inputs; however, we ran into an issue with this home’s network where all the cameras were showing as the same line. Was this a problem? Not at all! We individually programmed each camera into the NVR through the TCP/IP and UDP stream- we were even able to do this on a consumer grade network.

A key advantage of the Luma Surveillance System is the way it works with the OVRC ecosystem to create a low data usage link. This means that the customer was able to see his cameras remotely from his phone- even though the home has Microwave Point to Point Internet. That is the definition of efficiency.

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