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Smart Technology

Before Jennings AV incorporated Smart Technology into this home, it was pre-wired with Category 6 Ethernet cabling and coaxial cabling to each display location and speakers in multiple rooms in the house.  The homeowner wanted to get the house finished with the addition of a few rooms to the audio and video zones.  They also wanted to add, smart technology, exterior lighting control to the home.  There was a home theater room with no speakers wired.  Jennings AV pulled cable to the room for a 5.1 surround sound system with Episode ceiling speakers and an Episode subwoofer.  We were able to use an audio video receiver to process the sound in the theater with the 5.1 surround sound system.  The Episode speakers create a dynamic sound in the room.

Video signal gets to the room via the Crestron NVX system. The backbone of the Crestron NVX system is a Cisco network switch. A Crestron HR310 remote control was provided in each room to be used with the Crestron Home OS provided with the Crestron CP4R control processor. The Office, living room, fitness room, spare bedroom, master bedroom, and man cave all get video from the Crestron NVX system and audio delivered from a Crestron SWAMP multi room audio switcher processor and amplifier.

Each room has 2 in ceiling speakers and receives audio from any of the centralized video sources or an autonomic streaming server that allows 3 audio streams from a variety of music services including Amazon Music, SpotifyiHeartRadio, Sirius XM, Deezer, and TuneIn Radio to name a few. The kitchen, patio, and firepit and audio only zones that are powered from the same Crestron SWAMP audio device.  The fire pit however, uses rock speakers for the outside environment to allow a clean look. The master bedroom wanted to have a clean look where they didn’t see the TV all the time, so we put in a piece of furniture that is a wood chest when not in use but when turned on the TV rises out of the chest to be viewed.

Smart Technology for Lighting

The house has a lighting integrated into the system so that there can be a timer on the outside lights to turn on and off on their own and have the option to turn them on or off from the smart technology control system.  We put in an OVRC home hub to allow for remote support of the system and WattBox power conditioners to help facilitate that remote support. The WattBox power conditioner allows for individual control of each power plug in the Equipment rack so Jennings AV can cycle power on individual devices as needed for troubleshooting and remote support for minimal downtime of the system in the event it has any troubles.  This will allow for the homeowner to keep their privacy, while still getting superior service.

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All of this is in a central equipment rack located in the equipment room of the house saving space and money for the homeowner.  No bulky equipment in each room – saving space. Saving money by allowing only the video sources that you watch once or twice not in each room of the house.  In this house they had 7 rooms with a TV or Projector that’s 7 cable boxes and 7 apple TVS to have the same experience in each room.  With the centralized video system they pay for 3 cable boxes and 3 Apple TVs as they have decided to have a His and Hers as well as a Guest of each of the two.  This way they can have a uniform feel of what they are watching no matter what room they are in as those sources are available in each room via the Crestron NVX centralized video system.

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