WiFi Network at Arthur Bay RV Park

RV Park WiFi Network Project​

A Lake McConaughy RV park, wanted to give the residents a WiFi Network signal, because there was no cell phone coverage in the area.  The main and guest networks needed to handle a number of clients at a time; and have a wide coverage area, to cover the 18 different spaces available. The admin friendly, guest network needed to be able to update network credentials on a regular basis. For this we chase an Araknis Network with a built-in OVRC ecosystem.  The OVRC ecosystem is an area for the dealer to have remote access to the system for the purposes of remote testing and troubleshooting.  It also gives Jennings AV the access to go change the guest WiFi network password from the convenance of our cell phone anywhere there is internet service available.

This was one of the first goals met just by using an Araknis Router that has OVRC pro on it as part of its image.  The next goal was to cover the entire lot outdoors.  We decided to use Araknis 700 Series outdoor wireless access points.  The Araknis wireless access points were placed in a way that we were able to cover the entire area with 2 of them.  The park has a short row of storage units. available for rent. We were able to use one of the owner’s storage units for the head end of the system and use the middle of the building and the end of it to place the wireless access points.

The Araknis wireless access points run off of a single Category 6 Ethernet cable each powered by an Araknis POE gigabit network switch. This Araknis POE gigabit switch, Category 6 cabling and Araknis 700 series wireless access points, with the fiber feed installed by the local ISP; all helps to provide the fastest WiFi network possible for the owners and guest at the park. They are the only park in the area that has a guest WiFi network. So, they can charge for a professional WiFi network. The system offers client isolation for the best security possible. This means that when you connect to it, you are isolated from anyone else on it. The Araknis router also has a great firewall to help prevent intrusion from internet hackers.

WiFi Network Controlled Remotely

The WiFi network can handle 75 to 100 clients connected and still have plenty of speed available for guest to use. Jennings AV also installed a Watt Box power conditioner and surge protector that also has an OVRC uplink for remote support. The Watt Box allows Jennings AV and the owner, through the OVRC home app, to control each individual power port on it.  This helps with remote support as we can now just cycle power on suspected locked up hardware in the event of a problem.

We can do this from our phone here in the Denver area or wherever we are at with internet access because of the OVRC ecosystem working with the Watt Box and Araknis systems together to provide the superior customer service Jennings AV provides.  Jennings AV also gives the app to the owner with pre made macros to be able to cycle power on the devices themselves from the push of a button.  No need for them to dig around to find the right thing to do.  It is pre created and easy to find right in the OVRC home app for the owner to use. Jennings AV can set-up a custom WiFi network for you too. Give Barry a call at (303) 578.8199.

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