The case studies featured in this section offer a snapshot of the services we provide.
Gun Club Camera System Cameras

Gun Club Camera System

            A local Gun Club contacted us regarding some instances of destruction to their property, mainly to the front gate. They wanted to add a surveillance camera system to the site both for liability reasons and to prevent any future

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Luma Surveillance System Project

Surveillance System Project

For this project, our customer wanted better surveillance after they noticed the large amount of wildlife on their property. They had never seen a bear before- until they saw one in their backyard! Welcome to Colorado! We all love the

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Smart Technology Home Vinnink

Smart Technology

            This smart home project started with a great base. It was pre-wired with Cat6 and coaxial cabling to each display location, along with ceiling speakers in multiple rooms of the house. The homeowner contacted Jennings AV to take this

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WiFi Network at Arthur Bay RV Park

RV Park WiFi Network Project​

A Lake McConaughy RV park, wanted to give the residents a WiFi Network signal, because there was no cell phone coverage in the area.  The main and guest networks needed to handle a number of clients at a time; and

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