Barry Jennings CTS, PCNA, PCVE, EAVA - Owner

Great Attention to Detail

Our Motto, is that we "under promise and over deliver on every project".

At JenningsAV, we understand the ins and outs of smart technology because we’ve been there on both sides. For over 5 years, I was a customer myself, experiencing firsthand the frustrations and joys of integrating smart features into my life. Now, with JenningsAV, I get to use that experience to bring the same smooth experience to our clients in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas.

What does this two-sided experience mean for you? It means we don’t just sell smart tech, we make it simple and truly useful for your needs. We take the time to understand your vision from the start, ironing out any wrinkles to avoid surprises or extra costs down the line.

In short, we get it. We get the excitement of transforming your space, and we get the importance of getting it right the first time. That’s the JenningsAV difference.

Audio Video Smart Technology in Colorado

Barry Jennings

Audio / Visual Expert

I specialize in Audio, Video, and Smart Technology

Jennings is an audio video professional, with well over a decade of smart technology experience. Barry is very well-balanced with the following skill sets: design, project management, troubleshooting, programming, installation, DSPs, video teleconferencing, and information technology. Barry has expertise as an end user and as an integrator in many different sectors including government, education, hospitality, churches, and retail. His unique range of experience makes him a solid technical backbone. He understands every aspect of professional audio video and control system integration from commercial and residential to live sound productions. 

Barry is familiar with hundreds of manufacturers including Crestron, AMX, Biamp, QSC/Q-SYS, Crown, ClearOne, Polycom, JBL, Shure, Extron, Kramer, Samsung, Pakedge, Luma, ICRealtime, Araknis, Cisco, URC and Christie. Barry’s education includes, but is not limited to his Bachelor of Science in IT Networking, an Associate of Applied Science in Business Management, and many industry certifications including a CTS (Certified Technology Specialist), PCNA (Pakedge Certified Network Administrator), PCVE (Polycom Certified Videoconference Engineer), EAVA (Extron Audio Video Associate).

Jennings AV Analysis

Our Target Market

There is a lot of residential competition in Denver. Jennings AV stands out from its residential competitors by taking the extra time to explain smart technology to its customers. We ensure our customers understand how to use their systems before and after they buy it. The company was launched upon this premise. After working for many of his competitors, Jennings saw the need to serve his clients by educating them throughout the entire process. This ensures they easily use their AV systems for many years.

Commercial Private Business AV Monitor

Commercial: government, private business, education, and churches are our vertical markets.

Residential: consumer grade products (Amazon Smart Home products); mid-level customers who want consumer and pro-grade products; high-level clients who want pro-grade products

CTP Disc Golf Specialty Store

Barry started his retail store because of his love of disc golf! He found this love in 2017. Barry had played disc a few times before this, many years before, with his friends, but in 2017 - Barry started his journey of weight loss and found disc golf again. This time, it was the people Barry was meeting, that helped him fall in love with the game. He found a group of people that wanted to help grow the sport and his game. He found an entire group of people that we welcoming him into their personal and recreational life. In that first year of playing Barry lost 150 pounds!

Barry signed up to become an amateur member of the PDGA in 2018 and by the luck of the draw he got one of the luckiest and badass numbers anyone could ask for. Barry was assigned PDGA number 111777. This was just another step in the love of the game for Barry. As the next couple years passed, Barry played a lot and started to study the game more. In 2020, Barry decided to set a way more time to play, and decided to become a tag master for a couple clubs. In that time, Barry had made more friends and found more love for the game. He found that Denver needed a good store to purchase discs. Barry’s plan for CTP Disc all sparked from being a tag master half way through the season and writing CTP on a money bag for tag matches. Barry plans to keep being an ambassador for the sport and stay healthy for the rest of his life. ~Barry Jennings | Owner

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