Gun Club Camera System Cameras

Gun Club Camera System

This is a Local Gun Club.  The club had a few instances of destruction to property, mainly the front gate. They decided to add a surveillance camera system to the property; both for liability reasons, and to help prevent any future property damage.

Client requirements for the camera system

  • All cameras on one camera system
  • Have room for expansion
  • Cover the front gate, shotgun range, clubhouse and rifle range
  • Be able to zoom in and capture a license plate if needed
  • The ability to add a camera with a live stream to the member’s section of the website; so members could see weather and wind conditions before coming to the club

Challenges faced by Jennings AV

  • Front gate is almost 1000 feet from the clubhouse
  • The rifle range is about a quarter mile from the clubhouse and shotgun range

Network runs have a 333 ft limit for data transmission and POE. Jennings AV utilized 3 POE network extenders for the front gate camera system. With enough power from the Araknis switch to power up to 333 ft. With two extenders, you can get 999 ft away from the original network switch.

Jennings AV ran direct burial cable from the clubhouse to an irrigation box, where we placed an all-weather POE extender. We placed rocks under the irrigation box to allow for water drainage, and to help keep the POE extender dry. We ran 333 more feet to another box, with a POE extender. This gave enough line to get to the main gate camera. The camera was placed up high with a solid piece of pipe, attached to the front sign of the club.

Five cameras were placed around the clubhouse. Two inside cameras, that cover the entrance and exits to be sure to capture any liability issues. The outside camera covers the front drive, rifle range entrance gate, and all the shotgun ranges. To cover the rifle range on the same network we had to use a point-to-point wireless bridge. A directional wireless access point was mounted on the side of the clubhouse, pointed to the rifle range.

A WiFi receiver was mounted to the power pole, on the rifle range. The network cable was ran into a weatherproof box, that has a heater and fans to ensure a safe environment for electronics. An Araknis 8 port POE switch was used in this box to power the point-to-point receiver, and the four cameras in the rifle range area. Cameras were mounted on opposite sides of a target shed, crossing each other’s views to capture two of the best shots on the site. One is used for the members website; as it shows a flag and a great view of the land, to see the weather. Two other cameras are mounted at the other range, to see the last rifle range and the pistol range.

All camera systems on site capture images clear; and will be great for any investigations into injury’s or accidents. A variety of manufacturers were used for this project. Visualint Line series was used for the NVR, so that the club can add up to 24 cameras in the future.  Luma cameras were used for their celerity and Clearview IR night vision.

At the main gate an Axis camera was used for its availability to zoom in enough to capture a license plate. Altelix was used for their weatherproof, temperature-controlled box; to allow the rifle range network switch, to power all the devise that were there. A Ubiquiti Airmax Nano station AC was used for the point-to-point connection, from the clubhouse to the rifle range network transmission. Araknis network switches were used to utilize a strong backbone to the network. That helps make sure the system stays up and running, and can handle all the multi-cast video traffic on the switches. The End result is another quality project by Jennings AV!

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