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Gun Club Camera System

A local Gun Club contacted us regarding some instances of destruction to their property, mainly to the front gate. They wanted to add a surveillance camera system to the site both for liability reasons and to prevent any future damages as well. They wanted all of the cameras to be on one system, have room for future expansion, cover specific areas of focus, have great zoom capabilities (for capturing license plates), and the ability to livestream to the member’s section of the website.

This was a challenge for Jennings AV but it was nothing we can not handle! The main concerns were that the front gate is almost 1000 feet from the clubhouse and the rifle range is another quarter of a mile from the clubhouse and shotgun range. This presents a hurdle, as network runs have a 333ft limit for data transmission and POE. To solve this problem, we utilized 3 POE network extenders for the front gate camera system. With enough power from the Araknis switch, we created a powered line that went 999 feet from the switch, which more than covered the distance to the fence. For installation, we ran a direct burial cable from the clubhouse to an irrigation box, where another all-weather POE extender was placed. Rocks were placed under the irrigation box to allow for water drainage and to keep the extender dry. From here, another 333 foot length was added to another box with another extender in sequence. After this extension, there was enough cable run to finally place the camera up high attached to the front sign of the club.

Once the gate was addressed, we could move on to the rest of the Club. 5 cameras were placed around the clubhouse and another 2 were placed inside. Between these 7 cameras, we were able to create 360-degree surveillance coverage on the building. To cover the range on the same network as the rest of the property, we used a point-to-point wireless bridge. A directional wireless access point was mounted on the side of the clubhouse, pointed to the rifle range. At the range, a Wifi receiver was mounted to a power pole. The network cable was run into a weatherproof box that has a heater and fans to ensure a safe environment for the electronics. An Araknis 8-port POE switch was used in this box to power the point-to-point receiver, and the cameras on the rifle range. A camera was also mounted to provide livestream capabilities for members to see the weather and environmental conditions for the range before they arrive.

When the project was completed, we met and exceeded each of the goals for the Gun Club. The cameras are crystal clear- day or night, and able to be used to provide evidence for investigations or concerns they may have. They have the ability to grow and add up to 24 more cameras on the existing system. There is also better network coverage, so the speeds of accessing the equipment was vastly increased as well.

There were some hurdles here, but we love a challenge at Jennings AV! This Club will be setup for surveillance success for the foreseeable future, let’s get yours setup as well!


Equipment Used:

Araknis POE Extender

Araknis 8-Port POE Switch

Visuallint NVR

Luma Cameras

Axis Camera

Altelix Weatherproof, temperature controlled box

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