Boulder Camera System

Boulder Home Camera System

This is a house in Northeast Boulder, that was built 20 years ago and was in need of a few upgrades. The homeowner contacted Jennings AV about a Camera System, to protect against property loss and intruders. They also had an old 3-gun rear projection system in a 4:3 video format. Today’s TVs are in a 16:9 format.  We also wanted to make the theater room with the rear projection similar to operate as their hearth room, where they watch TV the most. Jennings AV found Wi-Fi problems in the house as well.  There was a TV that needed replaced in the fitness room as well. 

The first order of business was to upgrade the network. An Araknis Network was selected, because we wanted a robust network with good Wi-Fi, that was compatible with Control 4. The following hardware was installed on the project an Araknis 310 Series Router, Araknis 210 Series Network Switch and Araknis 510 Series Wireless Access Points.  We placed one access point in the office to cover the west end of the house. The house had pre-existing Category5e Cabling that was utilized for the office, the master bedroom, the guest bedroom, the hearth room and the theater. We used the line going to the theater and extended it, to mount the second access point, between the theater and the fitness room.

We then used the newly created ethernet loop; to loop through the line out and come back to the theater; where another Araknis Network Switch connected the Control 4 EA1 Processor, the new TV and the Xbox, with a hardwired network line.  The line going to the hearth room was used to give the second Control 4 EA1, a hardwired network run and a line to the master bedroom, for the new Luma NVR Camera System. Having this network infrastructure in place helped make the rest of the installation go smoothly. 

Next, we needed to place 12 Luma Surveillance Cameras around the house to cover the property; and the Network Cables for these cameras are usually run in an attic of a house. This home has 3 different attics separated by flat roofs and hidden gutters.  We were able to utilize this hidden gutter to run all cables from the master bedroom roof area to each camera. All 12 cameras were run from the roof into the attic and down into the wall behind the master bedroom. This way the homeowner can view the cameras on their Big Screen TV.

Meanwhile in the theater room, where there used to be an old 3-Gun 4:3 Rear Projection System. The system left a big hole in the wall, measuring 60” x 80”. We were able to frame behind the wall to produce a shadow box effect. We then installed a new 86” LG TV in the box.  We used black carpet for the inset in the wall. We then mounted the TV and used professionally installed, picture frame, wood trim to make it look like a shadow box like TV. It made for a very clean look.  Next, we mounted a new Flatscreen TV in the fitness room and finished the project out with 2 rooms being controlled from a Control 4 system. Jennings AV provided a Control 4 SR-260 Remote in each room; then programed to a simple-to-use interface for the client, to have ease-of-use with the 5.1 Surround System. 

We are currently in discussions to complete a Home Audio System upgrade from an older Macintosh Audio System to a newer Episode System that utilizes Control 4 Streaming to complete the Home Audio System. Controlled from Control 4 for ease-of-use; bringing them one step closer to a complete Smart Home Upgrade. Ultimately, we were able to do all the work as a turn-key project. The homeowner had no extra cost, because the retrofit upgrade was completed utilizing existing cabling or equipment. 

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